An award-winning producer who has worked with artists from all over the world, Jeremy Ledbetter is most at home producing unique, groundbreaking projects, working with artists who are at the leading edge of the here and now in their fields.

Contemporary jazz with Afro-Venezuelan drumming . . . Cuban music with ancient Turkish melodies . . . Brazilian samba with Moroccan gnawa . . . Ledbetter’s production work lives in the spaces where disparate musical worlds collide and mingle.  Having produced albums in six countries (Canada, USA, Trinidad, Cuba, Venezuela, and Brasil) and in three different languages, Jeremy literally brings a world of expertise to his production projects. But Jeremy’s foremost strength as a producer is his ability to draw the most out of the musicians he works with.


“For me, producing is always a two-way street,” Jeremy says. “It’s a partnership I enter into with the artist. My job is simple: to understand the artist’s vision and make it come to life, hopefully even better than they imagined it to be.”


Jeremy Ledbetter’s list of productions includes some of the biggest names in Caribbean and Latin music, including eight albums with David Rudder, two with CaneFire, and his most recent production, “Golpes y Flores” by Venezuelan songstress Eliana Cuevas, for which Ledbetter was named “World Music Producer of the Year” at the 2018 American Independent Music Awards.