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Jeremy Ledbetter Trio – “Got a Light?” (2018)

“Stunning . . . this is no ordinary trio by any stretch of the imagination.”  — Toronto Music Report


[audio:1 – Got a Light.mp3,2 – Mais Um.mp3,3 – Amanecer.mp3|titles=Got a Light?,Mais Um,Amanecer]


Jeremy Ledbetter and CaneFire – “Pandemonium” (2010)

“More than just a beautiful album . . . quite simply, one of the most memorable records to come out of Canada in a long time.” — latinjazznet.com


[audio:1 – The Madman’s Jig.mp3,2 – Cocoa Payol.mp3,3 – Two Cousins.mp3,4 – Baptism by Fire.mp3|titles=The Madman’s Jig,Cocoa Payol,Two Cousins,Baptism by Fire]


Jeremy Ledbetter and CaneFire – “Kaiso Blue” (2005)

“CaneFire is sweeter than Caroni brown sugar and don’t doubt me.” — Trinidad Guardian

“If Dizzy Gillespie were still with us, he would love CaneFire.” — Vancouver Sun


[audio:01 Kaiso Blue.mp3,02 Iyanu.mp3,03 The Pepper Drinker.mp3,04 St. James.mp3|titles=Kaiso Blue,Iyanu,The Pepper Drinker,St. James]


Eliana Cuevas – “Espejo” (2013)

“A major international talent that’s on its way.” — Toronto Star


[audio:04 Llego.mp3,05 El Tucusito.mp3,06 Lamento.mp3,07 Agua, Cangrejo y Sal.mp3|titles=Llego,El Tucusito,Lamento,Agua Cangrejo y Sal]